Logan’s Story

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Respite care for child with disability

Respite care for child with disability| When traditional daycare could no longer care for my son safely, we were politely asked to leave. It was at this time that I was introduced to Zach’s Place and respite care. Suddenly, what used to be a non-stop flow of “No” turned into a “Yes”. My personal needs and concerns are identified and met. The best part of this discovery, I am not alone. A whole community of parents in similar situations is being cared for in ways I have never dreamed possible. I see many personal accommodations being made. The clients are treated as individuals and the staff is well versed on every kid. My son has made positive connections with many people who care about him. Zach’s Place offers me peace of mind unlike any care program we have ever experienced. I know my child is safe.

Sarah, Mother of Logan and Molly