King Soopers Reward Gift Card


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Everyone needs groceries, so why not let a percentage of your grocery bill benefit Special Kids Special Families?

How to get started with the King Soopers Reward Gift Card?

Pick up a card from our SKSF offices (1915 Aerotech Drive, Ste 100) or call us 719-447-8983. They are FREE and already loaded with $2.50; be sure to load your SKSF Gift Card with more dollars before purchasing groceries!

How to reload your Gift Card?

  • At the King Soopers register or Customer Service desk for any amount up to $500 using cash, check or credit/debit card. Tell the cashier you want to reload your Gift Card BEFORE they begin to ring up your purchases.
  • You may reload your Gift Card an unlimited number of times.

What can the Gift Card be used to purchase?

Most anything at King Soopers or any Kroger Family Store (shown below) PLUS fuel centers (like Loaf-n-Jug). Cannot be used for certain services including money orders, lottery tickets, stamps, tickets, or other gift cards.

How does SKSF earn money?

Every time you purchase an initial card from SKSF, AND EVERY TIME YOU RELOAD IT, King Soopers adds the amount to Special Kids Special Families Reward account. Once the account balance in any given month reaches $5,000, SKSF gets a check for 5% of the total. It’s that simple. If we don’t hit $5,000 in that month, the balance rolls forward to the next month and continues accumulating.

Important to note –

  • If you buy a reloadable King Soopers gift card directly from King Soopers, SKSF does NOT get credit. Only the cards purchased from SKSF are registered to give credit back to SKSF.
  • Protect your Gift Card like it was cash & don’t throw it away!
  • SKSF/King Soopers cannot be responsible for lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed cards.
  • Gift Cards with a $0 balance over 90 days become inactive & are no longer reloadable. A new card will need to be purchased to continue to participate in the rewards program.

Remember to RELOAD your SKSF Gift Card often and use it as much as possible when purchasing groceries or gas!  Every time you use the SKSF Gift Card, you are helping make a difference so SKSF can receive donations to support programs for individuals with disabilities & special needs.

THANK YOU for your participation!



Use the King Soopers Reward Gift Card at any KROGER FAMILY store:King_Soopers_Logo_GroupPicture1