Community Based Program (ICAN)

“In our I-CAN program, we provide our participants the opportunity to get out in the community and integrate fully in volunteer and community service activities with different businesses in our area.  This helps our adult participants gain useful life skills and become more independent in their daily lives. Our I-CAN participants also have the opportunity to enjoy many recreational and leisure activities to encourage self-expression and growth.”

I-CAN Program Coordinator


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Integrated Community Accessibility and Networking (I-CAN) provides services to adults with disabilities ages 18 and older. Activities are client driven and community based focusing on the development of relationships and natural supports.

Independent Living Skills

  • Finance & Budgeting
  • Computer Classes
  • Banking and transitional/classes
  • Volunteer and community outreach opportunities

Health & Wellness

  • Hiking
  • Yoga
  • Bowling

Personal Growth

  • Arts & Culture (Dance, Ballet, Music)
  • Museum & Libraries
  • Communication
  • Socialization


I-CAN Coordinator
719-634-4675 Ext. 32
Fax: 719-637-8660

Adult Services | 3450 N Nevada Avenue, Ste 110 | CO Springs, CO 80907