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Adult & Senior Services

Adult Day Services focus on enabling individuals to maintain and improve their maximum level independence, discovering interests, community inclusion and participation, setting and achieving goals. Adult & Senior Services are comprised of several service program offerings including: Joey’s Place Adult Day Center, Community Day Program, Building Connections, and more.

Adult & Senior Services Day Center


Joeys placeJoey’s Place is a center based Adult Day Program of SKSF for ages 18 through senior adult. Daily we work together helping individuals to reach their highest level of personal and economic independence.  Our founding premise is that families and clients have a say in the best way forward to meet their care needs to achieve maximum community integration and independence throughout their life.

The Joey’s Place Difference:

  • Positive mentorship
  • Understanding of family and home care provider concerns
  • Flexibility
  • Incorporate the individual’s goals, interests, and skills to promote their clients to live full independent and productive lives.
  • Caring, safe, and supportive environment

Joey’s Place Offers Activities Which Develop:

  • Leisure and recreational skills
  • Develop fine and gross motor skills
  • Sensory and cognitive stimulation
  • Problem solving and decision-making skills
  • Build and enhance relationships and improve communication skills.
  • Participate in life skills training (money management and cognitive skills)
  • Engage in arts and crafts, academic learning, fitness, cooking and baking, gardening, and much more

All clients have opportunity to participate in the SKSF Gardens Grow program at Joey’s Place.

Joey's Place, a brick building with plants Gardens Grow

Community Day Program

The Community Day Program support individuals to develop skills and abilities that help them bolster self-expression and growth. Participants gain useful life skills to become more independent in their daily lives. They have the opportunity to engage in different recreational and leisure activities which are client driven. The program includes thrift shopping, exploration of various museums, learning and utilizing library resources, and fitness.

Building Connections Day Program

Building Connections is a program that supports building friendships, gaining leadership and social skills, enhance interpersonal communication skills, critical thinking, increase problem solving and decision-making skills and collaboration. Participants can talk and learn about subjects that they want, while giving them the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and teach others about what they know and enjoy.

Independent Living Skills

  • Joey’s Place:  Personal Care, Cleaning, Grocery Planning and Shopping, Academic Learning (Math, Spelling, Science projects)

  • Community:  Personal Care, Shopping, Finance and budgeting, volunteering, and community outreach

  • Building Connections:   Finance and budgeting, shopping, volunteering and community outreach

Health & Wellness

  • Joey’s Place:   Yoga with Kat, Wii games, Bingo, Dancing, Table Bowling, Parachute Play, Karaoke, Cooking

  • Community:  Bowling, golf, basketball, nature walks, Beanbag Toss

  • Building Connections:  Nutrition and Cooking, ASL Class, Rights and responsibilities, Group presentations

Personal Growth

  • Joey’s Place:  Crafts, Arts and Culture (History, Music), communication, socialization games

  • Community:   Communication, Socialization Games, STEM activities, Art & Culture, Music, Libraries (History, Science)

  • Building Connections:  Arts and Culture (History, Music, Poetry), Libraries (History, Science)

A Note from the Adult Services Director, Dionna Lanich

“Individuals have an opportunity to learn, grow, and become independent. These opportunities are based on the needs and interests of each person. We strive to offer activities that are sensory stimulating, challenging, fun, and interactive. It is vital for everyone to be encouraged to participate and engage at some level. Communication is a major focus within the program. We help individuals to communicate their wants and needs, either verbally or with pictures.”

FAQs About Adult & Senior Services

What transportation options are available?2024-01-24T11:20:26-07:00

Adult Services offers non-medical transportation via the Medicaid State waiver. Services are based on the area where the participant resides.

Does Medicare cover adult day services?2024-01-24T11:20:26-07:00

Adult Services accept Medicaid State Waivers (e.g. SLS, DD, EBD, BI, CMHS) and Private Pay.

What assistance is provided if needed, e.g. eating, toileting, transfers, administering medications?2024-01-24T11:20:25-07:00

Staff are trained to assist with all personal care for Eating, Toileting, Transfer. This is based on the level of need for the participant (e.g. staff by assistance to help clean after a bowel movement or provide full assistance using a Hoyer Lift). All staff receive training to become Qualified Medication Administration Person (QMAP) certified.

How are participants involved in planning activities?2024-01-24T11:20:25-07:00

Participants have the opportunity to fill out Quality Choice Surveys to express their interests in topics and activities, what they would like to learn, and places to tour and visit in the community. They can also state their interests directly to staff.

Looking for Respite, Home Care, or other Support Services?

Respite care is temporary relief care and supervision of your loved one in your home or in the home of a respite care provider. Respite can range from a few hours, on a one-time basis, to overnight or longer. We utilize a high-quality matching process that may include a staff person and/or a provider, this is to ensure that respite is a good experience for you and for your loved one.  Visit our Residential Host Home or Support & Empowerment page for more information.


A boy and girl, both with special needs and disabilities, giving each other a basket of flowers.

Ways to Give

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A woman multitasking with a credit card and a cell phone while caring for children with special needs and disabilities.

Pay for Services

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Donate to Wish List

Special Kids Special Families services are made possible from community support of time, talent and treasure. In order to ensure services remain available and that no one is turned away for the inability to pay, please consider a donation. All self-pay options are competitively priced and 100% of proceeds serve resource-limited individuals and families.

We accept various payments including: Medicaid (SLS/CES waivers), sliding scale self-pay, and all major credit cards.

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