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What we do at SKSF takes funding. Many of our programs support individuals and families that don’t have funds to spare. To live up to our mission, we offer those families a sliding scale-payment for services based on income. In some of our programs we have more than 60% of our clients paying based on income. This means that we have a deficit.  SKSF uses many tools to raise funds, cover expenses and solicit monetary as well as material donations to help us close this gap.  You can make a difference and we value your support – big or small!

There are several easy ways to make a difference for SKSF. Consider making a financial donation ONLINE:

By using any major credit card, you can donate in any amount using your choice of online trusted payment services:

Donate through

SKSF has partnered with to make donating easy!  By using this online payment system you can:

  • Donate to a specific program (Adult Services, Foster Care Program, Zach’s Place program)
  • Make a donation to honor or in memory of a special person
  • Set up a recurring donation (weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly)


Donate through PAYPAL

To make a donation in any amount you decide,  just click the donate button below to get started. You don’t need a PayPal account to donate.



Mail A Check

If you’d like to write a check (payable to Special Kids Special Families) mail to: SKSF, 1915 Aerotech Drive, Suite 100, Colorado Springs, CO 80916.

Donate via an Employee Matching program

Do you participate in an Employee Matching or Workplace Giving program at your place of business – like United Way, Your Cause or Network for Good? You can place a recurring donation or donate ONE time to SKSF.  Contact your Employee Relations or Human Resources department for details.

Through the Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit program, taxpayers can choose to directly support an eligible Colorado-registered charity with a simple designation on their state income tax return. The Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit program is being promoted through an educational campaign called ReFUND CO.

SKSF Registration #20073010355


Want to know more about the Colorado Childcare Tax Credit?  click here…