Lauren’s Story

By Published On: February 16, 2015

Testimonial- Lauren

We have a special member in our family who has caused many of us to see things about life in ways that we never would have before. That person is my daughter Lauren. She is a loving, handful of impulsiveness, stubbornness, energy, hugs, loudness and a new puzzle at every turn. Without the support and hands-on care from Zach’s Place, our lives would be much harder. The staff at Zach’s Place has made life easier for us in so many ways. We count on them. They know and understand Lauren and work with her through her good moments and the not so good ones. We appreciate the hearts it takes to choose to spend your days and nights helping others and doing so in a way that never diminishes the person who needs the help. The staff at Zach’s Place is a blessing!

Pam, Mother of Lauren

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