Children with Special Needs Get Up Close with Exotic Kritters

By Published On: April 16, 2019

April, 2019: Zach’s Place, a program of Special Kids Special Families, hosted the Kritter Karavan, a nonprofit organization that focuses on exposing people of all ages and abilities to the wonderful world of small exotic animals. The Kritter Karavan featured a wide array of interesting creatures, most of which are rescues. Children with special needs at Zach’s Place got up close to animals like a chinchilla, a hedgehog, lizards, a tortoise, a tarantula, sugar gliders and even a 7 foot snake! “Everyone had a great time, even the staff enjoyed the animals.  The kids were stimulated and very curious. It was generous of Kathy to come out and share these great animals,” says Dianna Manz, Zach’s Place Program Director.  Kathy Beers, Executive Director of Kritter Karavan stressed the importance of doing research on any animal being considered as a family pet in hopes of diminishing the numbers of unwanted and abandoned animals. “No matter the age or disability, animals will connect with everyone,” says Kathy.

Zach’s Place at the Laurie Hillyard Family Center is one of only two licensed day care providers in the state of Colorado with the focus and training to provide both respite and day care for children with intellectual, physical and emotional disabilities. Zach’s Place is located at 4795 Granby Circle in Colorado Springs. For more information contact Special Kids Special Families at (719) 447-8983 or