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Residential Host Home

A woman is preparing vegetables in a residential host home.

Residential Host Home (RHH) services are support services in a caring environment that are provided for people with disabilities helping all aspects of a person’s life which may include care planning, a comprehensive individualized plan, day programs, transportation, and more.  Clients are housed in a secure setting where they experience feeling safe and loved.

What does a Residential Host Home do?

The Host Home program provides housing and care for people with disabilities, short or long term, in a safe, secure, and loving setting in which a trained individual with CPR and QMAP qualifications cares for the individual following state and local policies.

The Host Home Provider will provide care based on the care plan created by the state agency that oversees the client, and coordinates with SKSF as a member of the client’s care team.

Becoming a Host Home Provider

We make every effort to ensure that individuals are well paired to fit their unique needs.   Therefore, at SKSF we strive to connect clients to homes with their cultural orientation and individual lifestyle.  SKSF is always in need of RHH Providers with a wide range of backgrounds and experience.

Who are great candidates to be RHH Providers (may include):

  • People who would enjoy the companionship and giving back
  • Retirees looking for extra income
  • Social services professionals with experience caring for adults with IDD
  • People who have an affinity and connection with adults and seniors with disabilities
An elderly man sitting on a residential couch with a cane.

Profile of a Residential Host Home Family:

  • Married or single
  • Male or female
  • Various religions
  • Any race, nationality, or ethnicity
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  • Have their own residence
  • 21 or older
  • Pass a background check
  • Obtain Host Home insurance, homeowner or renter’s insurance, automobile insurance
  • Hold a business trade name with the State of Colorado
  • Reliable vehicle not in disrepair
  • Complete all relevant trainings and certifications before attaining placement
  • A commitment to care for and make a positive difference in someone’s life

Ready to get started? Here’s where to begin:

Once you submit your interest through the contact page, you will hear from a RHH team member within 48 business hours.

Those accepted will receive ample trainings and a robust on-boarding experience including QMAP training, CPR if needed, and interviews for provider preferences for client placement.

A woman, serving as a host home provider, engrossed in a book, shares a thoughtful moment with an older man.

Is there someone you love that could benefit from community-based living?

Community-based living services allow for a client to live with greater independence and socialization in a caring environment that are provided for people with disabilities helping all aspects of a person’s life which may include:

  • Care planning (comprehensive individualized plans)
  • Providing meals
  • Day programs
  • Transportation
  • And much more!

SKSF offers a variety of support and empowerment services, including an onsite nursing department to monitor medical files and review medical protocols and care plans of individuals.  We closely consider the interests and level of comfort of our clients providing various choices and activities in a home setting.

Current and prospective family members have the opportunity to meet our RHH Providers and are included in team meetings for planning, advocacy and problem solving to assure that loved one’s needs are fully met. As added peace of mind, our host families are able to provide 24-hour support to individuals as needed.

Ready to Enroll a Loved One or Have Questions?

FAQs About Residential Host Homes

What clients do you accept?2024-01-24T03:04:33-07:00

RRH Team accepts clients of numerous backgrounds, ability levels and care styles. We evaluate clients on a case-by-case basis and place them in homes after rigorous interviews with providers, coordinators from agencies, and placement is done under the auspices of utmost safety, care needs and client preferences.

How do we oversee the homes?2024-01-24T03:04:54-07:00

We look at online data populated by the host home providers, follow state and local guidelines for compliance, and train providers several times a year for such.

What agencies do you partner with?2024-02-08T17:44:49-07:00


A boy and girl, both with special needs and disabilities, giving each other a basket of flowers.

Ways to Give

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A woman multitasking with a credit card and a cell phone while caring for children with special needs and disabilities.

Pay for Services

Special Kids Special Families services are made possible from community support of time, talent and treasure. In order to ensure services remain available and that no one is turned away for the inability to pay, please consider a donation. All self-pay options are competitively priced and 100% of proceeds serve resource-limited individuals and families.

We accept various payments including, Medicaid, Sliding Scale Self-Pay, and all major credit cards.

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